A Love Letter

You’re romantic historic you’re quirky and bizarre

I’m in love with how enigmatic and eccentric you are


And if you were a man you would be like Churchill or Holmes

and your friends would be Fleming and Carroll and Dahl


Your strong character and sharp wit

You’re academic but poetic

You’re my rhyming my reason

My constant through seasons


And you’d be my night and the moon in my day

And my sun and my star and the light in my grave


You don’t need famous names and rely on nothing

You stand on your own we spend days wandering

I long to get lost in and with you

in a vortex a rabbit hole, a wonderland

Just us two


You have depth, beauty wisdom and Knowledge unmeasured

And passion and secrets and history and treasure

You’re artistic and clever and inspiration of ever


You have lost and kept all the right parts of your mind

All the things I lost and forgot you remind

I lost my heart and my mind and I found them in you

I’m just curious and curious if you find all this in me too


I fell in love at first sight and everyday since

You’re my King you’re my Priest you’re my Knight you’re my prince

You’re all I could ask, The Cathedral I crave

Not the tallest of spires but the longest of naves

I could be the Queen of Hearts in your city of Kings

And you be my choir and the song that I sing


I could write you a letter of love or this poem

If you'd grant me your city to rule as our own

Let me sit round your table and kneel at your throne

As you are my capital, my city, my home


Gemma Kennedy